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June 17, 2009


Division of Workers' Compensation to test vendor-developed forms to ensure they work properly in EAMS

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) this month will begin a comprehensive testing session for vendor-developed forms used in the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS). The testing, which will take place at DWC headquarters and will be conducted by DWC staff, is set to begin June 29. Vendors must submit their forms for testing by Friday, June 26.

“The regulations require vendor-developed forms work in an equivalent manner to DWC-created forms,” said DWC Regional Manager Joel Harter. “While electronic filing is our main goal—and we are moving in that direction—we will always have some who need to file on paper. This testing is part of our effort to eliminate the backlog of paper at DWC district offices and correct paper filing errors.”

Forms vendors who want their forms tested must provide the following to the DWC:

These six steps will enable DWC to do the side-by-side comparison of vendor-created and DWC forms needed to check for errors and discrepancies. The DWC will communicate any errors found on the forms to the vendors using screenshots sent via email. Vendors will have an opportunity to fix any problems found and resubmit the forms for testing.

Forms vendors are asked to send the forms, along with a cover letter containing the name of the vendor and an email address for feedback, to the following address:

Division of Workers’ Compensation,
1515 Clay Street #1700,
Oakland, CA 94612
Attn: Melissa Hicks

After testing is complete, DWC will publish a list of vendors whose forms passed the test on its EAMS Web site at The name of the vendor provided in the cover letter is what will be published online.

“It is the responsibility of the filer to ensure the documents they submit to the district office are filed correctly,” said Harter. “We’re here to train and to provide feedback, and we need filers to take responsibility for the product they submit.”

For more information, email with “Forms test” in the subject line. For EAMS information online, go to