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January 26, 2009


More than 50 attendees gathered Monday to discuss bulk filing mechanism in Electronic Adjudication Management System with the Division of Workers' Compensation

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) hosted a public meeting at its Oakland headquarters Jan. 26 to discuss a bulk filing mechanism for the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) with other software programs. More than 50 people attended this session about how this filing option will offer a better opportunity for filers who are already fully electronic.

The meeting focused on allowing direct electronic data filing in bulk, a function that needs to be built into the existing EAMS format. Currently, filers have two ways to get their documents into EAMS: by OCR paper forms or electronic forms that are filed one at a time. Bulk filing will allow large volume filers to file their forms more efficiently.

“The workers’ compensation community brings many years of expertise to the table, so we wanted their input when discussing filing options,” said DWC acting Administrative Director Carrie Nevans. “Their feedback is tremendously helpful to the division and will help us provide the needed level of service.”

Several options for bulk filing were discussed at the meeting and an advisory group is being formed on the topic.

At the meeting external users detailed what features would be desired in a bulk filing method: electronic system to system communication, compatible with systems currently used by filers, ability to populate databases, acknowledgment of receipt after successful filing, and a mechanism to request documents from EAMS.

“Doctors and others who provide treatment to injured workers must sometimes file liens against workers’ compensation insurance carriers to receive payment for the services provided,” said Steve Cattolica of the California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery (CSIMS). “We’re supportive of this additional filing method, which will provide our members with an efficient alternative to file for reimbursement.”

Bulk filing is the third step in DWC’s planned phase-in of external users into EAMS, following OCR forms and e-form filing. In addition to providing a more seamless method for filers who are already fully electronic, once implemented, bulk filing will also free up division resources currently used by the other two methods and will move the state closer to a truly paperless workers’ compensation system.

More information on EAMS can be found on line at Interested parties can also sign up to receive the division’s EAMS newsletter by writing to and putting "Insider Subscription" in the subject line.