Newsline No. 18-06
April 4, 2006

DWC issues a second 15-day notice of revisions to proposed return to work regulations

A second 15-day notice of modifications to the return to work regulations has been distributed to interested parties and posted to the DWC Web site. In section 10001(a), the definition of “alternative work” was changed to reflect that alternative work may be offered by either the employer who employed the injured worker at the time of injury, or by another employer, where the previous employment was on a seasonal basis, as a daily hire, or as a project hire. Section 10001(f) was added to define “seasonal work.” Changes were made to section 10002 (g) to address situations where the injured employee is a seasonal worker, a daily hire or a project hire. In addition, modifications were made to forms found at sections 10003, 10133.53 and 10133.55.

Members of the public may comment on the revisions until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 19, 2006.

Text of the modified regulations may be found at