Newsline No. 17-06
April 4, 2006

DWC issues a second 15-day notice of revisions to proposed medical-legal fee schedule regulations

A second 15-day notice of modification to the medical-legal fee schedule regulations has been distributed to interested parties and posted to the DWC Web site. This second 15 day notice has been issued because the DWC received a comment that pointed out an oversight in section 9795 of the regulation. The revised regulation text, which was distributed on Mar. 29, 2006, stated that the changes would apply to medical-legal reports for medical examinations that occurred after the date the regulations became effective, but did not specify that the changes would apply to supplemental medical-legal reports. The regulation as distributed on Mar. 29, 2006 would have had two separate pricing schemes for medical-legal reports, depending on whether they were original reports or supplemental reports.

The regulation was revised to add an effective date provision for supplemental reports (in the last paragraph of the regulation text). An additional 15 day comment period was scheduled immediately instead of waiting until the end of the current 15 day comment period to avoid delays in adoption of the regulation.

Members of the public may comment on this second revision until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Apr. 19, 2006.

Further information and the modified proposals can be found at: