Bulletin No. 75-05
November 30, 2005

Revised draft of penalty regulations for violations under Labor Code section 5814.6 are the subject of a DWC online forum

The Division of Workers' Compensation has posted a revised draft of the proposed regulations regarding penalties for violations of Labor Code § 5814.6 to the online forum for members of the public to review and comment. The revised draft reflects changes to the text made by the division after consideration of public comments made to the last version of the draft which were previously posted on the DWC forum on Sep. 20, 2005. Changes made since the September 2005 version are shown using the strikeout/bold underline format. The forum can be found at: http://www.dir.ca.gov/WCJudicial.htm. Click on "current forums" at the top of the page.

Comments will be accepted at the forum through Monday, Dec. 12, 2005. Please feel free to participate in this important process.