Bulletin No. 13-05
April 13, 2005

DWC seeks executive medical director

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is searching for an executive medical director to head the DWC Medical Unit. The executive medical director manages the DWC Medical Unit and reports to the division’s administrative director.

On behalf of the DWC administrative director, the DWC Medical Unit examines and appoints physicians to be qualified medical evaluators (QMEs). QMEs perform the examinations of injured workers that help determine the level of benefits to be received by a worker. The DWC Medical Unit has enacted evaluation guidelines for some types of injuries to be used for these examinations. In addition, the medical unit assists the DWC administrative director with issues affecting physicians and other providers in the workers' compensation system and undertakes studies in current medical care issues.

The executive medical director search is being handled by Dalton Boggs & Associates, an executive recruitment firm experienced in nationwide searches for qualified medical professionals. Interested candidates and/or persons seeking a job description or more information should contact Dalton Boggs & Associates at:

Email: daltonb@boggsassociates.net
Phone: 1-800-348-1654
Fax: 405-398-4693