Industrial Medical Council

Industrial Medical Council (IMC) was created by the Margolin-Bill Greene Workers' Compensation Reform Act of 1989 to provide policymaking, rulemaking and regulatory authority for the medical component of the new workers' compensation program.

The Reform Act charged the Council with responsibility for: establishing standards for improving health care for injured employees; conducting studies in the field of rehabilitation; monitoring and measuring cost of medical services to injured workers; and administering programs for medical and chiropractic evaluations in workers' compensation cases.

During 1991 the IMC instituted regulations on the appointment and performance of qualified medical evaluators. The Reform Act authorized the Council to appoint such evaluators for the purpose of assessing permanent disability of an employee injured in an industrial accident.

With the enactment of SB 899 (Poochigian), the functions of the IMC were transferred to the administrative director. As of January 1, 2005, the IMC was renamed to the Division of Workers' Compensation - Medical Unit.

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Industrial Medical Council members list

Title 8 article 7. Practice Parameters for the Treatment of Common Industrial Injuries
The treatment guidelines were repealed on 4/19/2004

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