CourtCall Telephonic Appearances

CourtCall works in partnership with the Division of Workers’ Compensation to provide a system for lawyers and representatives to make routine workers’ compensation appearances by phone from their offices, homes or other convenient locations. When available, CourtCall allows lawyers to avoid the travel time and costs associated with commuting to a district office.

CourtCall is currently available at all district offices and in most judges’ courtrooms in these offices for Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Status Conferences and Priority Conferences. CourtCall is not available when there is an unrepresented injured worker or for Trials or Expedited Hearings. It has only been used on occasion for lien conferences.

CourtCall staff coordinates and facilitates the telephonic appearances. A calling party may speak to the judge in the presence of the other parties, or they may speak privately and directly to other parties outside of the judge’s hearing. Fax machines at the district offices coordinate the circulation of documents among the parties.

CourtCall is a private company and charges a fee for this service. Telephonic appearances using CourtCall are not arranged through the district offices. Notices of conference hearings at the participating offices include a notice of CourtCall’s potential availability and contact information. Contact CourtCall directly at or (888) 882-6878 for further information or to schedule appearances in advance of hearings.

June 2017