§10132.1. Reasonable Fee Schedule.


All billings for casework provided are to be itemized in tenths of an hour, unless alternative agreements are made under Section 10132(c).

Non-billable costs include: postage, clerical services, photocopies, in-house waiting time, attempts telephone contacts, and in-house staffing. If detailed documentation of these activities is required, the activity is billable at the normal hourly rate of actual time spent.

Adjustments to the Fee Schedule will be reviewed by the Administrative Director of the Division of Worker's Compensation on an annual basis. Recommendations regarding adjustments to the Fee Schedule shall be reviewed by the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee prior to public hearings.

Professional Hourly Rate $65.00

Vocational Evaluation Modules:

Work Sample Testing, Vocational Testing, Situational Assessment, or related activities in a group setting shall be subject to the following fee schedule. Includes report.

Service Code# Item Description Schedule
60 One Day $175
61 Three Day $375
62 Five Day $500
63 Eight Day $800
30 90 Day QRR Benefit Call Actual time at professional hourly rate, not to exceed 5 Hours
Includes all contacts to schedule appointments, preparation of RU90/91, visit verification, employer contact, first physician contact. Subsequent contacts to be billed at professional hourly rate.
31 Job Analysis of Position at Time of Injury Actual time at professional hourly rate, not to exceed 5 Hours
Includes contacts to schedule appointment, site visit, document completion, document review with worker/attorney, securing signatures and completed report.


32 Initial Interview Actual time not to exceed 5 Hours
Includes initial file review, scheduling contact with worker, contact with worker and representative, if any, interview, assessment of vocational feasibility and completed Initial Evaluation Summary, Form RU-120. Billing for the RU-120 shall not exceed 1.2 hours. The QRR must review with the worker the report and his or her initial recommendations regarding the worker's likely ability to benefit from the provision of rehabilitation services and regarding the nature, extent and cost of any additional services.
60,61, 62,63 Vocational/Work Evaluation Services Appropriate module
To be used at most appropriate module if requiredto assist in the evaluation of vocational feasibility.


34 Vocational Testing & Report.

          Actual time at Professional Hourly Rate, not to exceed 5 Hours or most appropriate module (and related service code) if testing is done at avocational/work evaluation facility.

Includes administration and scoring of a standard battery of vocational tests.
35 Counseling & Research Service

          Actual Time at Professional Hourly Rate

Includes professional time meeting with worker, assessment of transferrable skills, guidance through vocational exploration, test interpretation with worker, labor market assessment and resource- research, determination of physical appropriateness of a proposed vocational goal.
43 DWC Form RU-102

          Actual time at professional hourly rate, not to exceed 1 Hour

All required documents and cover latter completion- for plans involving modified alternate work.
44 DWC Form RU-102

          Actual time, at professional hourly rate, not to exceed 2 Hours

All required documents and cover letter completionfor plans involving Direct placement, OJT, Training, Self-Employment. .
45 Plan Monitoring

          Actual time, by report

Includes activities necessary to oversee the employee's successful completion of the plan. May entail contacts with worker, training facility or OJT employer
46 Plan Monitoring

          Actual time, Report not to exceed .5 hours


41 Job Seeking Skills Actual time, not to exceed 4 hours at $65 hour
All activity directed to providing the worker with skills, resume preparation, and personal presentation necessary to obtain employment.
42 Job Placement Actual time at $65/hour
Job placement services, placement follow-up and placement counseling.
INTERPHASE SERVICES (pertains to all phases, to be charged during the phase in which the activity occurs and included within the maximum aggregate expenditure for each phase)
21 Travel Rate Not to exceed $32.50/hour plus $0.24 per mile
51 Telephone Calls Actual time
52 File Review/New Actual Time Document Review at $65.00
After an initial review, file review is billable activity only for re-opening or re-activation of a file, or for conference preparation purposes. Review of new medical/legal reports, or work evaluation reports, upon receipt, is billable activity.
35 Counseling & Research Services Actual Time at Professional Hourly Rate
53 Reporting The fee for completion of the Vocational Rehabilitation Progress Report, Form RU-121, is .5 hours at Professional Hourly Rate.
For narrative reports at the request of a party unless otherwise specified, three-tenths of an hour per page, up to one and one half hour maximum.
54 Rehabilitation Unit Conference, Informal Conference & Professional Appearance Actual time at professional rate.
Preparation time up to one hour.
Education & Training:
As between schools of equal merit, preference will be given to those schools who have reduced their tuition rates by 10% from published 1989 tuition rates, in accordance with the reduction required by Labor Code section 139.5(a)(4). Documentation reflecting the tuition reduction shall be available upon request. Private Vocational schools may not charge a tuition rate or rehabilitation students which is greater than the lowest rate than that given to the generalpublic.
90 Extraordinary Services/Expenses For Dates of Injury prior to 1/1/94: It is recognized that there can occasionally be exceptional circumstances which may require services and fees beyond those listed. Billings above the recommended fee schedule shall require additional documentation prior authorization for excess billings should be obtained before service delivery.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 133, 139.5 and 5307.3, Labor Code. Reference: Sections 4635, 4636, 4638 and 4639, Labor Code.