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Our website contains a variety of links which allow you to easily access information on occupational safety and health. These links allow you to review, download and print publications, view additional educational resources including eTools and other websites containing educational materials

Research and Education Work in Cal/OSHA Consultation Services

Research and education work in Cal/OSHA Consultation Services is a handled by a diverse, bi-lingual group of professionals with backgrounds in engineering, industrial hygiene, safety and ergonomics. We are committed to providing California employers and employees with practical, high quality educational resources to help reduce and eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses. We accomplish this mission by developing educational materials in partnership and cooperation with labor, industry, trade associations, professional organizations, governmental agencies, educational institutions and a variety of other organizations and individuals.

Benefits For You

Our educational materials contain practical and helpful information. Some potential benefits from applying our educational materials to your workplace include:

  • increased safety and health awareness
  • ergonomic tools and job improvement options
  • increased employee and management participation
  • increased productivity and morale
  • new tools to evaluate potential hazards and unsafe work practices
  • reduced injuries and illnesses
  • safer workplace practices and policies
  • lower workers' compensation rates


Cal/OSHA Consultation Services' research and education staff participate in workshops, seminars, presentations and other outreach activities. Our outreach activities are intended to increase awareness about educational materials which will benefit California employers and employees.

Contact Us

For questions regarding our educational materials please contact us at:

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Research and Education
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