Proposed regulation: employer records of occupational injury and illness section 14300

Final regulation - effective April 23, 2004

Section 14300.10 recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss (doc) (pdf)
Section 14300.12 recording criteria for cases involving work-related musculoskeletal disorders.(doc) (pdf)
Section 14300.29 forms (doc) (pdf)
Appendix D (doc) (pdf)
Appendix E (doc) (pdf)
Cal/OSHA form 300

Cal/OSHA form 300A

Amended section 14300

Notice of public hearing (doc)

Notice of public hearing (pdf, 77.6KB)
Initial statement of reasons (doc) Initial statement of reasons (pdf, 57.2KB)
Amended section 14300 (doc) Amended section 14300(pdf, 74.7KB)
Proposed Cal/OSHA form 300 (pdf, 339KB) Proposed Cal/OSHA form 300A (pdf, 168KB)