Minors in Entertainment

Who Needs Permits?

All working minors-defined as children under 18 years old-are required to obtain Entertainment Work Permits by California's Labor Code.

Entertainment Work Permits for Minors

Two different work permits are available: valid for ten days and for six months. Click below for further information and online applications.

  • Ten-Day Temporary Entertainment Work Permit
    This one-time temporary permit is available to a minor whose age is between 15 days and 16 years and whose parent or guardian has not previously applied for an entertainment work permit. For a $50 fee, this permit may be issued immediately without all the supporting documents normally required.
  • Six-Month Entertainment Work Permit
    This permit is available to a minor whose age is between 15 days and 18 years and whose parent or guardian can provide the required supporting documents, which vary depending on age. There is no fee for this permit. The permit may be renewed every six months until the applicant reaches age 18. It is renewable 30 days before expiration or anytime thereafter.

You can also obtain the application for Permission to Work in the Entertainment Industry (DLSE 277, rev. 12/2008) by downloading it here:

Mail it to:
Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Licensing and Registration
1515 Clay Street,
Suite 401,
Oakland, CA 94612

Minor Work Hours Waiver

All requests for waivers for minors in the entertainment industry to work beyond the hours mandated by the Labor Code must be submitted in writing at least two business days before the actual shoot date. Requests must be sent to the Van Nuys Office via fax to 818-901-5307.

Waiver requests must include:

  • Copy of Permit to Employ Minors
  • Copy of Minor Permit(s)
  • Letter on company letterhead with:
    • Names & ages of minors
    • Name of studio teacher who will be there
    • Reason for extension
    • Date(s) of extension
    • Company contact information

Under no circumstances is a minor permitted to work past 12:30 a.m.

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