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Farm labor contractors license database

Welcome to the DLSE Farm labor contractors license database. This database contains the following information: License number; Name; Address; City, State, Zip Code; Expiration date; Workers Compensation insurer; Workers Compensation expiration date; Bond issuer; Bond effective date and Date information was last updated.

If you will employ a Farm Labor Contractor, in order to be in compliance with the verification of license requirements of Labor Code section 1695.7, you must fill out the form below. Then on the search results page that will appear, click on the "future expiration date" of the appropriate contractor you are verifying and proceed as instructed. You will then receive an official verification of the contractor’s status which you must print and retain for your records.

To search the database fill in one or more fields; for more information see instructions for searching.
License No: (e.g. 1778)
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Zip: (e.g. 93722)
Expiration: (e.g., 5/2/2003; May 2, 2003; 5-2-03)
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The information in this database is also available in a Microsoft Excel-compatible file and a tab-delimited text file (150K).

New Online Farm Labor Contractor license verification and database - You may also search through this system to locate a licensed Farm Labor Contractor or to verify a license that is issued in this new system after March 27, 2014.

Applications for new licenses and renewals, and instructions and links to required and/or recommended supporting documentation forms, may be downloaded from the DLSE website at If you wish to request forms be sent to you, email your inquiry/request to  Forms may also be requested by:

  • sending a letter to:
    Attn: Licensing and Registration Unit
    P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142
  • or fax to:
    Attn: Licensing and Registration Unit
    Fax: (415) 703-4808

New applications should be completed and submitted with the license fee(s) no less than 90-days prior to the date you intend to start carrying on the business, activities or operations of a farm labor contractor.

Renewal applications should be completed and submitted with the license fee(s) no less than 90-days prior to expiration of your current license.

The 90-day time frame is a guideline only, and no license shall be be issued or renewed to any person to act as a farm labor contractor until all of the requirements/conditions for a new or renewal license are completely satisfied.

Farm Labor Contractor License Denials, Revocations and Suspensions by year: