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In November 2006, voters in California approved nearly $40 billion in infrastructure, including $19.9 billion for transportation projects in Proposition 1B. the Proposition 1B projects are being funded over a 10-year period� 2007-2016�with the bulk of the funds spent in the 2008-2011 period. the Prop 1B funds are in addition to the ongoing state transportation funding, particularly through the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and State Highway Operation and Protection Plan (SHOPP).

New training & employment opportunities

Governor Schwarzenegger is committed to utilizing the Prop 1B funds not only to meet transportation infrastructure needs, but also to maximize employment opportunities for Californians. the transportation projects already are opening new training and employment opportunities in transportation construction, and these opportunities will grow as the construction work increases.

Getting the word out

After meeting with local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBS) and local training providers, Caltrans and DIR have come together to establish this website as part of the Caltrans Construction Skilled Labor Workforce Initiative (CSLWI ). our goal is to inform WIBS, apprenticeship programs and other training providers about upcoming transportation work and California's apprenticeship program processes and timetables, and to enable Caltrans and DIR to maintain real-time information on the supply of apprentices and other skilled workers to the transportation construction industry.

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