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Construction employment by county

For information on the dynamics of construction employment in California and the
impact of the infrastructure bonds, follow the links below.


Current Data on Construction Employment by County in California: EDD maintains
data on California’s construction employment by sub-sector (3 and 4-digit NAICS).
The link below contains the data, divided by county. For each county, the WIBs and
local training providers can identify the most recent construction employment data,
broken down by sub-sectors, including “Construction of Buildings”, “Heavy and Civil
Engineering Construction”. and “Specialty Trade Contractors”. The link also contains
the change in construction employment and its sub-sectors over the past month and
the past year..


Projections of Construction Employment by County in California: EDD also maintains
projections of employment by sector, 2006-2016. The link below contains these
projections, including projections of construction employment by sector and subsector


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