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California needs apprentices  in green &  growing fields

Grow your workforce from the ground up

Apprenticeship is a time-tested tool that develops talent and builds the workforce.


Apprenticeship is a partnership between the employer, the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), and California’s public education system.

Apprenticeship is “earn while you learn.” An apprentice is a full-time employee whose starting pay is a percentage of the skilled worker rate. As the apprentice’s tasks become more and more complex, the salary is adjusted accordingly until proficiency is achieved.

Any occupation requiring independent judgment in applying a wide range of skills and knowledge is a good fit for an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship allows the industry to set standards for skills needed for a particular position—especially important in emerging industries.

Apprenticeship brings smaller employers together to train a workforce as partners.

What can apprenticeship do for you?

Apprenticeship creates a diverse, flexible pool of employees with skills you need.


Industry knows best what it needs most; when you develop an apprenticeship program, the curriculum is determined by what you need. Apprenticeship instills loyalty that pays dividends through higher employee retention rates. And motivated apprentices lead to increased productivity.

Apprenticeship connects employers with public education facilities for related classroom instruction.

Research shows that for every dollar invested in an apprentice, the apprentice brings in $1.40 in revenue—a 40 percent return on investment (Canada, 2006). The cost of not training individuals is much higher.

Ready to get growing?  

To find out how to start an apprenticeship program, call or visit your DAS local offce. You’ll find contact information on-line at www.dir.ca.gov/das/DAS_offices.htm.

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March 2009