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November 26, 1996 Commission Approves Project to Study Cost Shifting Between the Workers' Compensation and State Disability Insurance Systems
November 22, 1996 Commission Initiates Project to Identify Employers Illegally Uninsured for Workers' Compensation
November 12, 1996 James Hlawek Elected 1997 Chairman of the Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation
September 16, 1996 CHSWC Releases 1995-96 Annual Report
August 2, 1996 Commission Releases Report on Information Services Available to Injured Workers
July 19, 1996 Commission Releases First Report on Workers' Compensation Medical-Legal Process
May 30, 1996 Commission Funds California's Task Force on Young Workers' Health and Safety
May 30, 1996 Commission Contracts for Study of Pervasiveness of Unratable Medical-Legal Reports Used in the Permanent Disability Rating Process
May 30, 1996 Commission Contracts for Development and Distribution of Educational Materials for Injured Workers
May 30, 1996 Commission Contracts for a Video and Discussion Guide on Workplace Health and Safety for Adolescent Workers
May 24, 1996 Commission Contracts for Landmark Study of Workers' Compensation Permanent Disability
April 30, 1996 Commissions Symposium Focuses National Attention on Challenges in California Workers' Compensation
February 6, 1996 Tom Rankin Elected 1996 Chairman of the CHSWC