California Forum for Workplace Health and Safety
February 8 -9, 2001




l. Welcome & introductions

Welcome & introductions

ll. California in the new millenium

Community Comments

  • Employers
    Mary E. Garry, Hewlett-Packard
  • Labor
    Maggie Robbins, Consultant, California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

lll. Effective workplace health and safety program

IV. Best practices from the field: Developing new strategies

  • Group Facilitators
    • Michael C. Alvarez, Area Manager, Cal Osha Consultation Services, DIR
    • Elaine El-Askari, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    • Marianne P. Brown, Director, LOSH, UC Los Angeles
    • Quintin Robinson, Program Coordinator, LOSH, UC Los Angeles
    • Richard Da Rosa, Sr. Industrial Hygienist, CalOSHA Consutation, DIR
    • Robin Baker, Director, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    • Kelly Howard, Area Manager, CalOSHA Consultation, DIR
    • Diane Bush, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    • Irina Nemirovsky, Research Specialist, CHSWC
    • Betty Szudy, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    • Laura Stock, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    • Suzanne P. Teran, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley

V. New solutions: Addressing special populations - panel discussion

VI. Disability management and return to work

  • "Timely Return to Work: Recent Findings" acrobat image
    Leslie I. Boden, PhD, Professor, Boston University
    Robert T. Reville, PhD, Director of Research, RAND
  • Medical Management
    Jay Himmelstein, MD, MPH, Program Director
    Workers' Compensation Health Initiative, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center
  • "The Team Approach to Disability Management" acrobat image
    Gideon Letz, MD, MPH, Medical Director, State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • "Case Management Perspectives" acrobat image
    Linda Stutzman, Legal Nurse Consultant, Disability Management Insights
  • Injured Worker Needs
    Joan Lichterman, Injured Worker and Vice President, CTD Resouece Network, Inc.
  • Educational Intervention
    Juliann Sum, Esq., MPH, Labor Occupational Health Program, UC Berkeley

VII. Future directions and new initiatives

Panel discussion

  • John Howard, MD, Chief, Division of Occupational Safety and Health
  • Robert J. Harrison, MD, Public Health Medical Officer, Dept. of Health Services
  • Christine Baker, Executive Officer, Commission on Health & Safety & Workers' Compensation