Section VI

Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation

1995-96 Annual Report

Section VI

Commission's Future Activities

The Commission has been considering the following activities for the future, including ongoing monitoring of the system costs, determining the need for increased benefits and the need for efficiencies in the system.

Potential studies may include:

The Commission is also considering applying for a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation under its new program "Workers' Compensation Health Initiative". This program supports demonstration and evaluation projects that create innovations in the delivery and financing of the medical care portion of workers' compensation programs, in order to contain costs and to improve the quality of care.

With the elimination of the workers' compensation minimum rate law, there is interest in whether there has been a change in the numbers of illegally uninsured employers. The Commission recommends that an analysis be done of caseloads, payout rates, types of employers and other measures in DWC's Uninsured Employers Fund program before and after the elimination of the minimum rate law.