July 1, 1995

The Honorable Pete Wilson

Members of the California State Legislature

The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation is pleased to submit its first annual report on the state of California's workers' compensation system. This report describes the activities of the Commission from July 1994 through June 1995.

During this first year of its operation, the Commission began the process of assessing the impact of the 1993 workers' compensation legislation. Several study projects were initiated which will provide a basis for future Commission recommendations for modifications to the workers' compensation system.

The Commission appreciates the gracious cooperation of the entire California workers' compensation community -- employer and employee organizations, insurers, medical care providers, applicant and defense attorneys, state government agencies, and members of the public -- for their assistance in the Commission's undertakings. This concerted effort will, we believe, result in improvements to the workers' compensation program and concomitant benefits to all Californians.


Robert B. Steinberg, Chairman


James Hlawek

Leonard McLeod

Gerald O'Hara

Tom Rankin

Kristen Schwenkmeyer

Gregory Vach