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Am I working in a safe environment?
Exposure to hot oil and grease, hot water and steam and hot cooking surfaces are major hazards. Laws protect you from unsafe working conditions and your employer must provide you with training about health and safety in your workplace no matter what your immigration status.

Avoid injury or illness by following these safety precautions:
• Use safety equipment and protective clothing when needed.
• Report unsafe or broken equipment and safety hazards to your supervisor.
• Ask your employer about safety training before using the equipment.

Am I allowed to work in this industry?
If you are under 16 you may not cook or bake in a food service industry.
You may perform cooking duties at lunch counters, snack bars or cafeteria serving counters.

Workers under 18 may not handle, serve or sell alcoholic beverages.

Do I need a work permit?
If you are under 18 you must have a permit to work. Ask your school to issue you a permit and take it to your employer.

Am I being paid at least minimum wage?
You must be paid at least the minimum wage, currently $9.00 per hour and applicable overtime rates.

How late can I work on a school night?
Until 7 p.m. if you are 14 or 15.
Until 10 p.m. if you are 16 or 17.
Laws protect workers under age 18 from working too long, too late or too early.

Report sexual harassment or discrimination to your supervisor, a co-worker, parent or teacher.

Visit www.youngworkers.org or call 1-888-933-TEEN (8336)

California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) www.dir.ca.gov
(415) 703-5070

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