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Am I working in a safe environment?
Laws protect workers under age 18 from working too long, too late or too early.

Avoid injury and illness by following these safety precautions:
• Use safety equipment and protective clothing when needed.
• Wear clothes that protect you from the sun and from pesticides.
• Drink plenty of water (provided by your employer).
• Take breaks in the shade to avoid heatstroke.
• Report unsafe or broken equipment and safety hazards to your supervisor.
• Ask your employer to provide you with safety training before using the equipment.
• Ask your employer about chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

Am I allowed to work in this industry?
If you are under 16, you may not:
• Drive a tractor.
• Work on a ladder over 20 feet.
• Load or unload a truck or conveyor.
• Apply pesticides.
• Drive, ride or assist in operating a forklift.
• Drive any vehicle for transporting passengers.
• Use powered equipment such as a chain saw, hay mower, hay baler or cotton picker.
• Work inside a silo.

Do I need a work permit?
If you are under 18 you must have a permit to work. Ask your school to issue you a permit and take it to your employer.

Am I being paid at least minimum wage?
You must be paid at least the minimum wage, currently $9.00 per hour and applicable overtime rates.

Report sexual harassment or discrimination to your supervisor, a co-worker, parent or teacher. Laws protect you from unsafe working conditions no matter what your immigration status.

Visit www.youngworkers.org or call 1-888-933-TEEN (8336)

California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) www.dir.ca.gov
(415) 703-5070

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