Approved Logging and Sawmill Safety Order standards (§§ 6248‑6402)

Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board

After proceedings held in accordance with and pursuant to authority vested in Sections 142, 142.3 and 142.4 of the Labor Code to implement, interpret, or make specific, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, by a majority vote, adopted additions, revisions or deletions to the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Chapter 4.

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  • Section 6251(d)(1) First Aid Requirements for Fixed Sawmill Operations (effective September 8, 2005)
  • Section 6283(a) Leg Protection for Portable Chain Saw Operations (effective September 1, 2004)
  • Section 6325 Fueling of Helicopters Used in Logging Operations (effective Nov. 17, 2012)
  • Section 6368 Fuel Houses, Chip Bins, and Hoppers--Sawmills (effective December 14, 2006)
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