A description of the proposed changes are as follows:

1. TITLE 8:

Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 1, Section 3207 and Article 24, Sections 3642 and 3648,
Chapter 4, Subchapter 5, Article 36, Section 2940.7
Use of Body Belts, Safety Belts, and Body Harnesses While Operating Aerial Devices; and Guardrails for Elevating Work Platform Equipment



Section 3207. Definitions.

Section 3207 contains definitions for the General Industry Safety Orders (GISO). The proposal adds the following terms related to fall protection: personal fall arrest system, personal fall protection system, personal fall restraint system and positioning device system. These terms are necessary for this rulemaking proposal and adding definitions for them will have the effect of providing clarity to the regulations.

Section 3642. Platform Equipment.

Section 3642 pertains to elevating work platform equipment such as manual or self-propelled integral chassis aerial platforms having a platform that cannot be positioned completely beyond the base (i.e. scissor lifts). This equipment is used to elevate personnel, along with their necessary tools to work locations. The existing title of this section is "Platform Equipment". Language is proposed for the title of this section to read "Elevating Work Platform Equipment". The proposed amendment will clarify that the section pertains to platform equipment for elevating personnel and will have no effect upon the regulated public.

Subsection (a)(1)

Existing subsection (a)(1) contains the guardrail height requirements for elevating platform equipment and requires that guardrails be no less than 38 inches or more than 45 inches. Additionally, where the guardrails are less than 42 inches, the existing language requires employees to wear a safety belt and lanyard so secured that the employee cannot free fall more than 4 feet. A minor editorial revision is proposed to delete the numerical reference "(1)" in this subsection because there is no number (2). It is unnecessary and confusing.

An amendment is proposed that will require guardrails to be 42 inches high, plus or minus 3 inches. Additionally, the proposal deletes language that requires the use of a safety belt and lanyard where guardrails are less than 42 inches. New language is proposed that will require an approved fall protection system used in accordance with proposed Section 3648(o), where the guardrails are less than 39 inches. The effect of these amendments will make guardrail height requirements consistent with American National Standards Institute/Scaffold Industry Association (ANSI/SIA) standards for this equipment. Elevating work platform equipment is manufactured according to applicable ANSI/SIA standards. Therefore, the proposal will not require design modifications for guardrails. Additionally, the amendments will have the effect of clarifying how fall protection systems (i.e. safety belts, body belts, or body harnesses) shall be used when guardrails are less than 39 inches on elevating work platform equipment.

Section 3648. Operating Instructions (Aerial Devices).

Subsection (o)

Existing Section 3648 contains the operating instructions for aerial devices. Existing subsection (o) requires employees while in an elevated aerial device to be secured to the boom, basket or tub through the use of a safety belt, body belt or safety harness. New subsections (o)(1), (o)(2), and (o)(3) are proposed to describe when and how safety belts, body belts or body harnesses are to be used. The existing regulation already permits the use of these devices for fall protection. The proposal merely sets forth the requirements for the use of these devices and will have no effect upon the regulated public.

Section 2940.7. Mechanical Equipment. (High Voltage Electrical Safety Orders).

Subsection (b)

Existing subsection (b)(4)(A) requires that employees in aerial lift equipment shall be "belted" to the lift equipment when in an elevated position. Proposed language will require that employees be "secured" to the lift equipment by the use of fall protection devices such as, a safety belt, body belt or body harness. New proposed subsections (b)(4)(B) through (D) contain the requirements for the use of these fall protection devices. Existing language in subsection (b)(4)(A) discusses climbing in or out of a work basket or work platform with railings. A minor editorial revision renumbers this language as new subsection (b)(5)(A). The remaining subsections in subsection (b) are then appropriately renumbered. These amendments will have no effect upon the regulated public except to provide more options for the use and type of fall protection devices permitted.