Consumer price index contacts


February 2019
Primary Contact: Justin Lobo

Alternate contact: Chris Nojadera

March 2019
Primary Contact: Chris Nojadera

Alternate contact: Melanie Wo

April 2019
Primary Contact: Melanie Wo

Alternate contact: Michael Morris


Note: Future updates of the California CPI will be available in mid-April , mid-June, mid-August, and mid-October 2019. If you need assistance in computing CPI changes from one period to the next, please contact a consumer price index contact. Please note that each month the primary and alternative contact changes.


(415) 703-4771 - Fax

Mailing address

Department of Industrial Relations
Office of the Director - Research Unit
P.O. Box 420603
San Francisco, CA 94142-0603
Attn: CPI

Additional Consumer Price Index information is available from:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
U.S. Department of Labor: