Injury and Illness Prevention Program (See Appendix B)

                   Medical Aid (See Appendix B)

                  Hazard Communication Program

1.   Are material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for hazardous
     substances readily accessible during each work shift to
     employees? [5194(g)(8)]

2.   Are employees trained on how to read and understand the MSDSs?

3.   Do employees receive information and training on specific
     health hazards associated with the materials they use, handle,
     or are exposed to including cleaners, chemical fertilizers,
     and pesticides? [5194(h)(1)]

4.   Are all containers which hold hazardous materials properly
     labeled? [5194(f)(4)]

                           Heat Stress

5.   Do employees receive training on the cause, recognition and
     prevention of heat-related illness? [3203(a)(7)]

6.   Is there an adequate water supply and are employees allowed
     frequent water breaks? [3457(c)(1)(A)]


7.   Are any employees are being overexposed to noise? [5096(b)]

8.   Are earplugs, or other forms of hearing protection, provided
     to employees working around noisy equipment, i.e., when noise
     level meet or exceeds an 8-hour time-weighted average of 90
     decibels? [5096(b)]


9.   Are employees provided adequate personal protection including
     respirators when working in dusty conditions such as tilling
     or other tractor work? [3203(a)(6), 5155(c)(1), or 5141(c)]

                   Harmful Materials/Pesticides

10.  Is a physician available to provide medical supervision to
     employees who regularly work with pesticides? [3450]

11.  Does the employer keep a record of all medical recommendations
     made by the physician? [3450]

12.  Are machines, aircraft, or applicators decontaminated before
     being repaired or placed in storage? [3451(a)]

13.  Are employees' medical records and records of exposure to
     toxic substances made available to employees and their
     authorized representatives? [3204]

14.  Is at least five gallons of clean water available when working
     with anhydrous ammonia? [3453(g)]

                Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)

15.  Are employees using short-handled hand tools? [3456]

                C-46, Attachment C (08/01/94)