3364 (Sanitary Facilities)
                 3366 (Washing Facilities)
                 3457 (Field Sanitation) 
                 3350 (Labor Camp Permits)

                          Drinking Water

1.   Does the employer provide easily accessible drinking water for
employees?     [3457(c)(1)(A)]

2.   Does the employer allow employees access to drinking water at
     all times during working hours? [3457(c)(1)(A)]

3.   Is the water fresh, pure, cool, and adequate in quantity?

4.   Is the water tank provided with a drinking fountain, or a
     faucet for drawing water? [3457(c)(1)(D)]?

5.   Is the water tank made of materials that maintain water
     quality? [3457(c)(1)(D)]

                  Toilet/Handwashing Facilities

         Agricultural Operations Not Involving Hand Labor

6.   Has the employer provided toilet facilities according to the 
     specifications of 3364(a)?

7.   Has the employer provided washing facilities in every place of
     employment? [3366(a)]

8.   Are washing facilities provided according to the
     specifications of 3366(c)?  
           Agricultural Operations Involving Hand Labor

9.   For every 20 employees or fraction thereof, has the employer
     provided at least one handwashing facility? [3457(c)(2)(A)] 

10.  For every 20 employees or fraction thereof, has the employer
     provided as least one toilet facility for each sex?

10a. For work crews with fewer than five employees where separate
     toilet facilities are not required for each sex, can the
     toilet facility be locked from the inside?

11.  If the employer chooses to provide urinals in toilet
     facilities used only by men, is the number of toilets provided
     at least two-thirds of the minimum number of toilets required?

12.  Do toilet structures meet the minimum construction dimensions
     of 3457(c)(2)(B)3.?  

13.  Are the minimum dimensions increased as specified when toilet
     structures also house urinals and handwashing facilities?

14.  Are toilet structures adequately screened to exclude flies and
     other pests? [3457(c)(2)(B)1.]

15.  Are chemical toilet wastewater tanks constructed of durable
     and easily cleanable materials and with a minimum capacity of
     40 gallons? [3457(c)(2)(B)4.]  

16.  Are chemical toilet wastewater tanks designed to prevent
     contents from splashing and contaminating employees or the
     environment? [3457(c)(2)(B)4.]

17.  Are structures housing sanitary facilities (toilet and/or
     handwashing facilities) adequately vented? [3457(c)(2)(B)2.] 

18.  Does the handwashing water tank have a minimum capacity of 15
     gallons? [3457(c)(2)(B)5.] 

19.  Are structures housing sanitary facilities provided with self-
     closing doors, lockable from the inside? [3457(c)(2)(B)2.]

20.  Are such structures rigidly constructed of an appropriate
     material? [3457(c)(2)(B)6.]

21.  Are the inside surfaces of sanitary structures non-absorbent,
     readily cleanable, and of a light color? [3457(c)(2)(B)6.]

22.  If the employer provides water-flush toilets and handwashing
     facilities, do they conform to 24 CCR Part 5: California
     Plumbing Code? [3457(c)(2)(B)7.] 

23.  If toilet and handwashing facilities are not housed in the
     same structure, are they in close proximity to each other and
     accessible to employees? [3457(c)(2)(C)]

24.  Have sanitary facilities been provided within a one-quarter
     mile or five minute walk of the employees, whichever is
     shorter? [3457(c)(2)(D)] 

25.  If it is unfeasible to locate sanitary facilities as indicated
     in 3457(c)(2)(D), have such facilities been provided at the
     point of closest vehicular access?      [3457(c)(2)(E)]

                       General Maintenance

26.  Are employer-controlled drinking water and sanitary facilities
     serviced and maintained in a sanitary manner by the employer
     at all times? [3457(c)(3)]

27.  Are the toilet and handwashing wastes disposed of in a manner
     that will not cause unsanitary conditions, contamination, or
     nuisance? [3457(c)(3)(E) and (H)]

               Drinking Water Facility Maintenance

28.  Does the employer ensure that drinking water containers are
     regularly cleaned and refilled daily or as needed?

29.  Are the drinking water containers constructed in such a manner
     as to protect the water from hand-dipping or other sources of
     contamination? [3457(c)(3)(A)] 

                   Toilet Facility Maintenance

30.  Are toilet facilities kept in good repair and maintained in a
     sanitary manner at all times by the employer? (3457(c)(3)(B)]

31.  Does the employer keep written maintenance and service records
     for all toilet facilities? [3457(c)(3)(B)]

32.  Is toilet paper provided in a suitable holder in each toilet
     facility? [3457(c)(3)(C)]

33.  Are chemical toilet waste-holding tanks provided at all times
     with solid-liquefying chemicals? [3457(c)(3)(D)]

34.  Is effective odor control practiced at all toilet facilities?

35.  Are contents of chemical toilets disposed of by methods
     approved by the county health or environmental health
     department? [3457(c)(3)(E)]

36.  If the employer uses pit toilets, is the unit moved to a new
     location when the pit is filled within two feet of the
     adjacent ground surface?  [3457(c)(3)(F)]

37.  Is the pit covered with at least two feet of compacted earth
     when the pit is abandoned? [3457(c)(3)(F)] 

                 Handwashing Facility Maintenance

Agricultural Operations Not Involving Hand Labor

38.  Does the employer ensure that washing facilities are kept in
     good working order and maintained in a sanitary condition?

Agricultural Operations Involving Hand Labor

39.  Does the employer provide handwashing facilities at the toilet
     unit or in the immediate vicinity? [3457(c)(3)(G)5.]

40.  Are the handwashing facilities maintained in a clean and
     sanitary condition? [3457(c)(3)(G)6.]

41.  Are handwashing tanks refilled as necessary to ensure an
     adequate supply? [3457(c)93)(G)2.] 

42.  Are signs posted indicating that water is to be used for
     handwashing only? [3457(c)(3)(G)4.]

43.  Is soap or other suitable hand-cleaning agents and single-use
     towels provided? [3457(c)(3)(G)3.]

44.  Is pure, wholesome and potable water available for
     handwashing? [3457(c)(3)(G)1.] 

                        Employee Training

45.  Has the employer informed his or her employees of the
     importance of the following good hygiene practices:

     a.   Using the water and facilities provided for drinking,
          handwashing, and elimination? [3457(c)(4)(A)] 
     b.   Drinking water frequently, especially in hot weather?
     c.   Urinating as often as necessary? [3457(c)(4)(C)] 
     d.   Washing their hands before and after using the toilet?
     e.   Washing their hands before eating and smoking?

                   Reasonable Use Requirements

Agricultural Operations Not Involving Hand Labor

46.  Does the employer provide washing facilities reasonably
     accessible to all employees? [3366(a)] 

Agricultural Operations Involving Hand Labor

47.  Has the employer notified each employee of the location of the
     drinking, toilet, and handwashing facilities? [3457(c)(4)]

48.  Are employees allowed reasonable opportunities during the
     workday to use drinking, toilet, and handwashing facilities

                Employer/Division Responsibilities

49.  Do the agricultural activities in question involve hand labor
     operations as defined? [3457(b)]

50.  Are all agricultural employers applying the requirements of
     3457 to their hand labor operations? [3457(a)]

51.  For agricultural activities not involving hand labor
     operations, has the employer met the requirements of 3360-
     3368 (Sanitation)? [3457(c)]  

52.  Does the employer maintain records of toilet facility
     maintenance and servicing activities? [3457(c)(3)(B)]

53.  Are these records retained by employer for a period of two
     years? [3457(c)(3)(B)]

54.  Have employers cited under 3457 provided the required written
     annual reports to the Division as per 3457(d)?

55.  Has the employer posted, or does the employer have available,
     a valid and current permit for a labor camp (any living
     quarters, dwelling, bunkhouse,  tent, boardinghouse,
     maintenance-of-way car, mobile home, or other housing
     accommodations, including employee housing or labor supply
     camp, maintained in connection with any work or place where
     work is being performed, whether or not rent is involved, and
     the premises upon which they are situated or the area set
     aside and provided for parking of mobile homes or camping of
     five (5) or more employees by the employer?