1.   Can I have access to, or a copy of, the original HVAC system
     plans or mechanical drawings?  Are the HVAC maintenance
     records for this building available and can I have a copy?

2.   Is the HVAC system a constant volume (CV) or variable air
     volume (VAV) system?  What is the total capacity of the HVAC
     system in cubic feet per minute? 

3.   How many separate HVAC units are there in this building and
     which one(s) supply the areas from which the IAQ complaints

4.   What is the occupancy of the entire building, as well as of
     the areas from which the IAQ complaints have arisen?  

5.   Are there sources of outdoor pollution nearby the building? 
     Is the outdoor air intake (OAI) located near the building's
     exhaust ports or near loading docks where trucks idle?  

6.   What is the minimum percentage of outside air (OA) when
     recirculation or recycling occurs? Does this amount meet the
     design criteria of the HVAC system and how was the
     percentage of OA calculated?  Is the return air "ducted" or
     does it travel through an open plenum?

7.   Are there any processes taking place inside the building
     which are potential sources of air contaminants?  If so, are
     there separate local exhaust systems for these processes, or
     are the air contaminants from these processes treated within
     the building?  If so, how are they treated ("smog hogs," air
     filters, or scrubbers)?  What type of air filter is used and
     what is the frequency of filter change?

8.   Are there sources of water accumulation in the HVAC system? 
     Is there any flood water accumulation or damage anywhere in
     the building?  Is the building humidified or dehumidified? 
     Is a biocide used in the drip pans?

9.   When was the air handling system last balanced?  

10.  Does the HVAC system operate continuously during working
     hours?  Is the start-up clock set to the correct date and
     time so that at least several air changes occur prior to
     occupancy each day?

Other questions may be necessary when interviewing HVAC maintenance personnel.

                        C-48, Attachment D (08/01/94)