Certified Mail with Return Receipt


Home Address
City, CA ZIP

Dear Complainant:

In response to your complaint (Complaint No.           ) alleging
exposure to  Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), the Division of
Occupational Safety and Health has sent the enclosed letter to
the employer.  

Your identity has not been revealed to the employer.  After
careful review, the Division has decided not to conduct an
inspection at this time.  However, when the Division receives a
response from the employer, a copy of the response will be sent
to you.  

The Division has recently begun development of a standard which
would regulate exposure to ETS and other indoor air pollutants. 
During the course of developing this Indoor Air Quality standard,
the Division will determine how best to protect employees from
ETS exposure.    

California law protects any employee who makes a complaint about
a workplace safety or health hazard from being treated
differently, discharged or discriminated against in any manner by
their employer.  If you believe that you have been discriminated
against because you made a complaint to the Division of
Occupational Safety and Health, you may file a discrimination
complaint with the nearest office of the Division of Labor
Standards Enforcement (Labor Commissioner).  However, you must
file your complaint within 6 months of the discriminatory action. 

Thank you for your concern about workplace safety and health.


District Manager              

enclosure:     Notification to Employer

              C-48, Attachment B (1/1/00)