Certified Mail Return Receipt


Employer Name
City, CA ZIP

Dear Employer:

Recently, the Division of Occupational Safety and Health received
a complaint concerning exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke in
your establishment at the following location: 

                      Name of Establishment
                          Street Address
                          City, CA ZIP.

The specific nature of the complaint is as follows:  

Employees are being exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke, also
called Environmental Tobacco Smoke or ETS.  ETS is a substance
which has been found to cause lung cancer as well as other health
problems.  Specifically, the complaint alleges that [describe
alleged ETS exposure conditions and location with enough
specificity so that the employer can effectively address the

The Division does not intend to conduct an inspection at this
time.  However, you are requested to investigate the complaint of
alleged ETS exposure and make any necessary corrections or
modifications at your establishment to eliminate ETS exposure. 

The complainant has been advised of this preliminary response to
the complaint of ETS exposure and is being furnished a copy of
this letter.  

Also, the complainant is being notified that California law
protects any employee who makes a complaint about workplace
safety or health hazards from being treated differently,
discharged or discriminated against in any manner by their
employer.  If a complainant believes he or she has been
discriminated against, it is their right to file a complaint with
the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement within 6 months of the
discriminatory action. 

Employer's Name 
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The Division of Occupational Safety and Health offers
consultation services free of charge to assist employers in
resolving any occupational safety or health issue which they may

To request consultation services, call or write the Consultation
Service at: 

            Nearest Cal/OSHA Consultation Area Office
                          Street Address
                          City, CA 92111
                        Telephone Number 

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact
me at [enter District Office Telephone Number].  

Your personal support and interest in the safety and health of
your employees is appreciated.


District Manager

              C-48, Attachment A (1/1/00)