The system automatically records the history of events associated
with each violation item and allows the user to view the data
through an Event History Window and update the information as
required.  This window may be accessed from the OSHA 1B screen or
the OSHA 2B screen.

The field values for the first Event History record shown above
are as follows:

     Event Date =   Issuance Date  

     Event Code =   Z (signifies that this is the system
                    generated record containing the ORIGINAL
                    violation data)

     Action Code =  A (Add)

     Cit Type =     Citation Classification for the
                    displayed violation

     Penalty =      Original penalty amount

     Abate Date =   Date entered in Item 14b, Final Abatement

     Final Order =  Final Order or Appeals Board Decision   

           C-166, Attachment B (08/01/94)