P&P C-41A

The tower crane Applicant shall provide to the Division a written
plan covering operation, erection, climbing and dismantling of
the tower crane.  The written plan shall address the requirements
of the manufacturer's manual tailored to the site conditions
where the tower crane will be installed, including the following
as appropriate for either erection or operation. 

     Ground storage space for each component, including truck
     positioning and off-loading activities as well as pre-
     assembly work.

     Identification of each lift with respect to weight, the
     necessary mobile crane reach and rigging accessories

     Counter-weight specifications if they are prepared on site.

     The manufacturer's erection sequence for counter-jib, jib,
     counter-weight machine deck, tower spire and a climbing

     The procedures for installation of jib and counter-jib
     support pendants.

     The type and calibration of torque wrenches and/or belt
     stretchers and the procedure to be used for all tower
     sections and slew-ring bolts, including retorquing after
     final assembly.  A procedure for written verification of all
     slew-ring and tower section bolt torques to be maintained at
     the worksite or on the crane.

     A description of the relationship of the crane to the
     building under construction, including minimum clearances
     between the tower, counter-weights, jibs, and any other
     relevant moving parts of the crane to parts of the building,
     including thrust-outs, cornices, window bays, and any other
     fixed points. 

     A description of the maximum permissible radius and load
     ratings for the configuration and the site location of the
     tower crane, and the building component weights to be

     A description of the tower crane support, such as
     foundation, railway, floor support and tie-in collars,
     showing soil stability and bearing capacity, reinforced
     steel design, foundation tower anchor placement and concrete

     Verification by the crane employer that during the time
     periods of erection, climbing and dismantling of the tower
     crane, a representative of the certified agent shall be
     present on site.    

     Verification that no employees, other than those engaged in
     the erection, climbing or dismantling of the crane, are to
     be permitted in the area below the crane during erection,
     climbing and dismantling work.  The clear area below the
     crane shall be that open area below the current activity
     where employees are exposed to potential hazards within the
     maximum radius of the crane measured from its base. 
     Further, only those workers actually engaged in erection,
     climbing or dismantling of the crane shall be allowed on the
     crane during the erection, climbing or dismantling
     processes.  No other work shall be performed on the crane
     while these processes are taking place.     

     Inspection responsibilities of supervisors, inspection
     intervals and what is to be inspected, i.e., a written crane
     inspection program.

     A written crane maintenance and preventive maintenance

     Safety meeting intervals, who will conduct meetings and what
     general and specific topics will be discussed.

     A procedure for eliminating hazards, including
     operation/erection difficulties once they are encountered.

     Description of the proximity of high voltage overhead
     powerlines to the operating radius of the tower crane. 

Documentation of operator's experience and qualifications on the type of tower crane being utilized.

C-41A, Attachment B (12/3/01)