Appendix I

Issue Date: 6/2/92
Revised: 8/1/94

AUTHORITY: Not applicable.

POLICY: It is the policy of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to standardize all establishment names and addresses in order to compile an accurate citation history for a particular establishment.



  1. After transmission of data which is entered at the District Office, the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS) host computer converts all alphabetical letters entered, regardless of case, to upper case.
  2. All compliance personnel and Office Support Staff shall data enter all establishment names and addresses consistently using both upper and lower case letters as follows:
    Rockwell International
    14324 Main St
    Somewhere CA 90250


  1. The establishment name is the legal name of the establishment. For a sole proprietorship or a partnership, enter the trading name of the establishment. For a corporation, enter the name of the corporation, unless a subsidiary of the corporation controls the establishment inspected. In that case, enter the name of the subsidiary.
  2. If an employer is doing business under a name other than the legal name of the establishment, both names may be entered, using the "dba" (doing business as) or "aka" (also known as) abbreviation.

    Enter the legal name first followed by the dba or aka name as follows:
    Pioneer Steel dba Jackson Steel Works
  3. If a complaint (Cal/OSHA Form 7) or accident (Cal/OSHA Form 36) is reported and no establishment name can be given, enter the word "UNKNOWN" in the establishment name on the Forms 7 or 36 to indicate no establishment name.
    NOTE: If a Cal/OSHA Form 1 is subsequently submitted with the "KNOWN" name, you must link the Cal/OSHA Form 1 to the "UNKNOWN" activity number and modify the establishment record.
  4. Where an activity pertains to a particular division or section of a company, and the establishment linkage is to be maintained on the whole establishment, put the establishment name first followed by the division.
    St Regis Paper Co Kraft Div
    US Steel Allied Mill
  5. Where a subsidiary is inspected and the name of the parent company is to be reflected in the inspection record, but the establishment linkage is to be maintained at the subsidiary level, put the subsidiary level first, followed by the parent name.
    Maxwell House Div of General Foods
  6. If the words below are to be abbreviated, use the following abbreviations:
    Assoc -- Associated Jt -- Joint
    Bros -- Brothers Div -- Division
    Constr -- Construction Elem -- Elementary
    Contr -- Contractor(s) Muni -- Municipal
    Ind -- Industries Dept -- Department
    Mfg -- Manufacturing

  7. The words "company," "corporation," and "incorporated" are handled the same, whether or not they are abbreviated. Where a state name is part of the establishment name, use either of the following formats consistently:
    Calif Lumber
    California Lumber
  8. Abbreviations will be used wherever possible in addresses. The following are standard abbreviations for addresses:
    Alley-AL Interstate-I South--S
    Avenue-AVE Lane-LN StateRoute-SR
    Boulevard-BL Mile-MI Street-ST
    Corner-COR North-N Suite-STE
    Court-CT Parkway-PKWY Way-WY
    Drive-DR Place-PL West-W
    East-E Road-RD Heights-HTS
    Room-RM Highway-HWY Route-RTE
    NOTE: Please inform your Regional IMIS Coordinator when you use other abbreviations which are not on the list above and he/she will add it to the list so that all district offices are using the same ones.
  9. When an establishment name starts with two initials, the initials will be separated with no periods--only spaces between.
    H D Johnson Construction
  10. For names that include an individual's first name, the first name precedes the last name.
    Joe Jones Construction
  11. If a company name has three or more initials, the initials will be combined with no spaces between them.
    IBM Corp
  12. When entering names with Mc, please enter as one word.
    McDonnell Douglas     McDonald's
  13. Those companies with an apostrophe in the name will retain the apostrophe.
  14. Use an ampersand, "&," and not the word "and" where applicable.
    Jenkins & Sons Co
  15. When numbers are part of an establishment name, enter them the way the trading name of the establishment is written. If the establishment uses numerals, do not spell out the number.
    4H Club
    3XTS Body Shop
    3M Corp
    7UP Distributions
    Use numerals preceded by a pound sign to indicate a particular store.
    T G & Y Stores #1483
  16. When entering California State Agencies, use the following method. State of, and Department of, no longer needs to be used for data entry into IMIS.
    CA Industrial Relations-DOSH
    CA Consumer Affairs-Dental
    CA Employment Development Board
    CA Contractors License Board
    CA Transportation-Highways
    CA Highway Patrol
    CA Transportation-Planning
    CA Industrial Relations-Labor Comm.
    CA Judicial Council
    CA Attorney General-Audits
  17. When entering county agencies, follow this format:
    Sacramento County Public Works
    Los Angeles County District Attorney
    Napa County Public Works-Water Dist
  18. When entering city or local agencies, use the full name of the city where possible.
    Torrance Building Dept
    San Francisco Parks and Recreation
    NOTE: If your city or county is too long, you may abbreviate it as long as it is entered the same way every time.
    SF Parks and Recreation
  19. For universities and colleges, use the following:

    UC Santa Barbara
    UC Irvine
    UC San Francisco
    UC Davis
    Cal State System:
    Cal State Long Beach
    Cal State Fresno
    Cal State Berkeley
    Cal State Fullerton
    San Francisco City College
    La Canada City College
    Dominican College
    Fresno City Schools
    Greenbrae Middle School
    Hiram Johnson High School