Attachment I





Dear Employer:

This office has received a copy of a Final Order of the California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board which affirmed the Regulatory and/or General violation(s) issued by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health following an inspection at a place of employment maintained by you. The Division issued a Citation and Notification of Penalty alleging a Regulatory and/or General violation of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations and requested that you complete the Cal/OSHA 160 (Employer's Signed Statement of Abatement of Regulatory and/or General Violation(s)) verifying that the Regulatory and/or General violations were abated within the abatement period.

To date, we have not received the Cal/OSHA 160 describing the actions that you have taken to abate the violative condition(s). Please return the Cal/OSHA 160 by [Date].

I am enclosing with this letter another Cal/OSHA 160 for you to complete and return to this District Office. As stated on the Cal/OSHA 160, the Division may conduct a follow-up inspection of your place of employment if we do not receive verification from you that the violative condition(s) have been abated. Failure to complete and return this form by [Date] may result in issuance of a citation and civil penalty for violation of 8 CCR Section 340.4(c).

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.




District Manager

enclosure: Cal/OSHA 160

C-2, Attachment I, 09/01/00