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Dear Employer:

Following an inspection at a place of employment maintained by you, the Division issued a Citation and Notification of Penalty alleging a Regulatory and/or General violation of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations and requested that you complete the Cal/OSHA 160 (Employer's Signed Statement of Abatement of Regulatory and/or General Violation(s)) verifying that the Regulatory and/or General violations were abated within the abatement period.

To date, we have not received the Cal/OSHA 160 describing the actions that you have taken to abate the violative condition(s).

I am enclosing with this letter another Cal/OSHA 160 for you to complete and return to this Office. As stated on the 160, the Division may conduct a follow-up inspection of your place of employment if we do not receive verification from you that the violative conditions have been abated.

If you have filed an appeal of one or more of the Regulatory and/or General violation(s) issued by the Division, abatement of the appealed items is stayed during the appeal process and the Cal/OSHA 160 covering those violations need not be submitted at this time. However, the abatement period is not stayed for any violations not appealed and the Cal/OSHA 160 must be submitted for those violations at this time.

If you have filed an appeal of one or more cited violations, please notify this District Office of which cited violations you are appealing.

Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.


District Manager

enclosure: Cal/OSHA 160

C-2, Attachment G, 09/01/00