What's new at DAS in 2003

DAS Annual report 2002 html version / pdf version (.pdf format, 380kb)

Governor declares October Apprenticeship Month

Electrician certification program statistics

Electrical certification frequently asked questions

California certified electricians 4/2003

Application for electrical examination and certification
Directions for completing application for Electrician Examination and Certification

Please be advised that the on-line application form for the electrician's certification examination is available. Using the on-line form results in more rapid processing. The application form is also available in PDF pdf version to download and complete off-line.

DAS Annual report 2001 html version / pdf version (.pdf format, 169kb)

Public works apprenticeship hearing regulations Chapter 2 - part 1, article 10 section 232.01 - 232.70

Electrical certification program

Search available apprenticeship programs and public works programs by county and occupation.

New regulations Title 8 - chapter 2 (section 201 - 234.2)
Frequently asked questions - New apprenticeship regulations California Code of Regulations Section 208

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