Hook - "I Built It- GREEN"

MBuilding California green definitely feels good.
FI really, really love this job
MFamily gets annoyed with me as I drive down the freeway
M And say look it Ė I built that building, I built that building
MThis solar panel behind me
MThis brand new green hospital
MThat turbine there
MI built it
FI built it
MI built it
MI built it
MI built it
MWith these hands
FI could say if you flushed it, I worked on it (Laugh)
MOh boy
MI built that bleep (laughter)
MMy kid always says ďDaddy you built that?Ē
FI sure did
MAnd itís green
FItís really green
MReally green
Fvery green
MSuper green
MI did it
MAwesome (laughs)
MI used to work at a grocery store
MFast food concessions
MAnd I was working at a warehouse
FI was a security guard
MI did some truck driving for a while, that was,
MThat was just a job that drove me nuts.
MI was spending a lot of time away from my family and I wasnít getting paid for it
MMaking six dollars an hour
MCome to the point where I wasnít going to go any further
MI really didnít have a direction
MAnd ah, I wanted to go somewhere, I wanted a career, not just a job
MI entered the apprenticeship about eighteen months ago
MI saw a big difference
MTurned my life around
MCause it actually gave me focus and direction
MThis is a career, this is not a job
FLet me lead a really good life
FWhen I first started, I was, scared
FNumber one first youíd have to be interested in this and not be afraid to get dirty
FYou really need to jump in and grab the bull by the horns
MIt was tough when we first started
FBut my operator, taught me the ropes
FThey taught you the tools, how to use them, how not to get hurt
MYouíre hands on, youíre learning exactly what youíre going to use
FItís quite stimulating, as a profession, learning how to work with your hands, in a way that you know, text books arenít (laughs)
F I mean I learned more in a year and a half than I did in college and high school
MPeople come out of college, they donít have a job
MPeople come out of apprenticeship, you have a job
FNow Iím in a five year schooling program, but itís different, in you work you get to earn money at the same time
MI do learn about ah green constructions
MWe never stop learning
MThereís never been a dull moment
MThe 2010 outstanding academic achievement award goes to Jeremiah Hashmore
MWhen I became a journeyman it was a huge accomplishment
FYou realize hey, I have something Ė I have something to give
MItís changed me tremendously
MIt really has
MItís given me, a way to support my family for the rest of my life
MThis is a much better job for me as a father
MYou know I can relax at home, see them more often
FI do have medical for myself and my son, glasses
MGet to have the vehicle you actually want
MI have several cars
FI bought my own house
MVacation, holiday pay
FPension, Life insurance
MBasically every year youíre getting raises
MI just had a boy, heís ah, four months, and I feel really secure working here
MItís a tough trade, itís made for tough people, ah, but once you learn the trade you have a job for life
MBecause everybody always needs things built, so youíre constantly working
FI can take care of myself and my family without anybodyís help
MItís a beautiful paycheck but the paycheck isnít why I do it
MI do it because I like being outside, I see the sun rise every morning
FThe views are great, spectacular
MScenery is always changing
MWe donít go to the office, we build the office
MItís been an adventure for me
MUnbelievable, and you get paid to do it
MThereís a camaraderie that comes with ironworking, its like no other trade
MTons of friends
FAnd I get to work with a great bunch of people
MWeíre all family
MWe take care of each other
MTaking care of me, so Iím taking care of them
MThere are people that use this as a starting block
MThereís a lot of room to grow in the field
MI became a journeyman, went out into the field, ran work, and now Iím a superintendent running multi-million dollar jobs
MWe take a lot of pride in the work we put in
MWe always make sure itís top notch
MEverything I do will live longer than I will
MThe wind turbines that weíre working on right now on this project are approximately 265 feet tall
FRight now weíre preparing to lift a blade, a single blade
MI want my son growing up, in a clean environment without all the smog and thatís what these green projects do
MFifty six thousand homes that wonít be burning fossil fuel
MThis is a solar generating tracker
MEvery one of these units that goes into the ground, reduces our need for fossil fuel
MWe are in an energy revolution
MI feel like Iím part a new wave, like part of the future of construction
MThe future here is pretty much, going green
MIt brings new work, new ideas, new development
MThis means a lot of jobs for California
MGreen construction is definitely here to stay
MAs our kids get older
MGreen practices
MAre gonna be, just the norm
MI love coming to work
MI wake up knowing that I got an important job to do
MIím very energetic
FI love my job
MI keep coming back, I like what Iím doing
FAnd especially when itís being part of something so important
MItís leaving something of myself long after Iím gone
FAnd we were a part of of history here
MMy kids will benefit from this
MIt makes you feel really good inside
MIím happy
FSo happy
MMy daughters are extremely proud of me
FItís empowering, as a woman, to be in this
FIím very proud of myself
MMy dad and everybody theyíre very proud of me, it almost brings me to tears just saying that right now, I love, I love my job, and Iím very, Iím very proud of it


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