CHSWC - Notice of meeting Tuesday, September 2, 2003Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Date: Tuesday, September 2, 2003
Time: 10 am
Place: Department of Consumer Affairs
400 "R" Street Hearing Room
Sacramento, California


I. Call to Order
" Minutes from the August 7, 2003 CHSWC meeting
Jill A. Dulich, CHSWC Chair

II. Update on Insurance Market Study
Brandon Miller, Hays Companies

III. Update on the Permanent Disability Rating Tool Study
Robert Reville, RAND

IV. Report on the CHSWC Study of Workers' Compensation Benefit Notices
Juliann Sum, Labor Occupational Health Program, UC Berkeley

V. "Other Business / Proposals / Public Questions and Comments*

(PLEASE NOTE: The October 2003 CHSWC meeting has been cancelled.)