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Safe Jobs for Youth Month is observed in California every May encouraging young workers, employers, educators and parents to learn more about health and safety in the workplace.

Navigate the seven different industries by clicking on the photos or the specific industry: food service, grocery clerk, etc. Each industry outlines basic labor and health and safety standards for occupations employing young workers. This site can be forwarded and the pages are printable. Three of the industries -- construction, food service and agriculture - are in Spanish.

Hand out a printed page along with a work permit to your students!

Forward this page to your high school student contacts!

In California, at least one third of high school students work. Thousands of young workers 14 to 18 begin jobs allowing them to earn money and create positive work experiences. Unfortunately, these jobs can also involve injury and disability if young workers are not informed of the hazards.

Awareness of safety on the job is crucial as there are many risks:
• Powered equipment such as box crushers, bakery machines and forklifts.
• Late hours – increasing the risks and vulnerability to crime.
• Long hours – potential hazards when working alone and when experiencing frequent or prolonged contact with the public.
• Unsafe or broken equipment.
• Hot oil and cooking surfaces.

Do you know?
• The current minimum wage is $9.00.
• Work permits are obtained at school.
• Young workers 16 or 17 cannot work past 10 p.m. on a school night.
• Young workers under 16, are not allowed to work in construction or dry cleaning.

Visit the “Safe Jobs for Youth” Web site for more information

Call toll free:
1-888-933-(TEEN) 8336

California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) www.dir.ca.gov
(415) 703-5070
Young Workers Web site