A description of the proposed changes are as follows:

1. TITLE 8:

Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 54, Section 4188(b)

Specific Definitions for Power Operated Presses ***


Ambiguous and inconsistent terms used in defining power operated presses has contributed to misunderstandings and confusion regarding application of safety requirements for point of operation guarding. The existing definitions for power presses utilize the term "slide." However, "slide" is not specifically defined in the GISO, other than by indirect reference in the definition for "ram." The proposed rulemaking action consists of revisions to make clear the definition of "slide," and thus to clarify the definitions for power presses. Non-substantive modifications to power press definitions, based upon advisory committee recommendations, are also proposed to address current practices and methods of die attachment and actuation.

Section 4188(b) Specific Definitions for Power Operated Presses.

"Power Operated Presses" defines such machinery as including "all mechanically powered machines that shear, punch, form, or assemble metal or other materials by means of tools or dies attached to slides, commonly referred to as mechanical power presses (punch presses), press brakes, hydraulic power presses (punch presses), and rivet setting machines." A revision is proposed to clarify that dies used in power presses may be attached to or actuated by slides. The dies may include unitary or "bump" dies which are normally attached to the bed or anvil (sometimes called "bolster") of the press, and are actuated by the slide rather than being attached to it. This revision will have no effect on the regulated public as it merely clarifies what is commonly understood in the industry to be a power operated press.

Definitions for "Power Press, Hydraulic (Punch Press)" and "Power Press, Mechanical (Punch Press)" are likewise proposed to be clarified to be consistent with language for "Power Operated Presses." These revisions will have no effect on the regulated public as they merely clarify what is commonly understood in the industry to be a power press, whether hydraulic or mechanical.

Definitions for "Ram" and "Slide." The definitions for power presses use the term "slide," consistent with Federal regulation 29 CFR 1910.211. Currently, "slide" is not specifically defined, and its meaning must be inferred from the definition for "ram." The proposal defines and makes clear the definition of the term "slide," by adapting the definition for "ram" with editorial changes. The definition for "ram" will be changed to refer to the definition for "slide." These proposed revisions are intended to eliminate ambiguity in the definitions for power presses and thus will have no effect on the regulated public other than to simplify and clarify the GISO.

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