A description of the proposed changes are as follows:

1. TITLE 8:

Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 14, Sections 3465(a), 3472, and 3475

Bulk Storage of Loose Material ***
Initial Statement of Reasons ***


This proposed rulemaking action contains numerous nonsubstantive, editorial, reformatting of subsections, and grammatical revisions. These nonsubstantive revisions are not all discussed in this Informative Digest. However, these proposed revisions are clearly indicated in the regulatory text in underline and strikeout format. In addition to these nonsubstantive revisions, the following actions are proposed:

Section 3482. Bulk Storage of Loose Material.

Section 3482 is comprised of six subsections containing requirements addressing measures to prevent accidental employee engulfment/entrapment caused by piled material and include: instruction requirements for employees who must work on piles of loose materials; the use of mechanical means/methods of moving stored material out of bins, silos, fuel houses, bunkers, etc.; the means to control or stop the flow of materials; the use of platforms or walkways; the use of hoists to support and lift the employee working on piles; and the use of boatswain's chairs, body harnesses or safety belts with lifelines. In addition, this Section requires all concrete storage bins, containers, and silos to be equipped with conical or tapered bottoms and a means of starting the flow of material. This Section also contains outdated Title 24 references.

Revisions are proposed in subsection (b) to delete the phrase " ... such a manner as to restrict breathing ..." and to replace the outdated Title 24, Part 2, Section 2-1134(a) reference with the current reference found in Section 441A. The proposed revisions will clarify that all entrapments and engulfments pose a hazard and not just those that restrict breathing and will clarify which current Title 24 regulation corresponds to the requirements contained in subsection (b).

A revision is proposed to delete subsection (e) and re-letter the remaining subsections consistent with Title 8 format. The proposed revision will eliminate the outdated Title 24, Part 2, Section 2-1134(c) reference requiring conical or tapered bottoms, as this is no longer a Title 24 Building Code requirement. The proposed revision will have no other effect than to maintain consistency between existing Title 24 building standards and Title 8 with regard to the construction of bulk storage structures.

Revisions are proposed for subsection (f) to re-letter it as subsection (e) and to add the term "engulfment/entrapment" before the word "hazards". These proposed revisions will have no other effect than to clarify the hazards addressed in the regulation and the requirements contained in this subsection.



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