A description of the proposed changes are as follows:

Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 21, Sections 3575(a) and 3581
Abrasive Wheels


Section 3575. Scope and Definitions.
This section contains a scope statement which explains to the employer what is regulated and subject to Article 21 Abrasive Wheel regulations. This section also contains a requirement that all abrasive wheels are to conform to design criteria specified in the ANSI B7.1 safety standard for abrasive wheels and also includes definitions for terms used in the remaining regulations contained in Article 21.

Subsection (a) (2) requires all abrasive wheels to conform to the requirements contained in the ANSI B7.1 1978 national consensus standard pertaining to the use, care and protection of abrasive wheels.

A revision is proposed to update the existing ANSI B7.1 standard to the most recent 1988 edition for abrasive wheels (wheels) manufactured after July 1, 1998 and to continue to require wheels manufactured on or before July 1, 1998 to conform to either the 1978 or 1988 editions of the ANSI B7.1 standard.

The proposal requires abrasive wheels manufactured on or before July 1, 1998 to meet either version of the ANSI B7.1 standard and wheels manufactured after the cutoff date to be labeled as meeting the requirements of the ANSI B7.1-1988 standard.

The proposal may require some employers to either field fabricate the required label following verification that the wheel meets the ANSI A7.1 1988 standard or obtain one from the manufacturer to place on the wheel. In most cases this will be unnecessary because practically all wheels manufactured after July 1, 1998 are already provided with some type of indication that they conform to the latest ANSI A7.1 standard.

Section 3581. Speed.
This section consists of a single subsection (a) which prohibits employers from operating abrasive wheels at speeds in excess of what is recommended by the manufacturer.

A revision is proposed to repeal subsection (a) in its entirety. The proposed deletion of subsection (a) will have no effect upon the employer, since it is a duplication of an existing requirement (Section 3328) which essentially addresses the same issue.