Subchapter 4. Construction Safety Orders

Article 1. Introduction

Article 2. Definitions

Article 3. General

Article 4. Dusts, Fumes, Mists, Vapors, and Gases

Article 5. Rock Drilling

Article 6. Excavations

Article 7. Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, and Material Storage

Article 8. Explosives

Article 9. Derricks, Cranes, Boom – Type Excavators

Article 10. Haulage and Earth Moving

Article 11. Vehicles, Traffic Control, Flaggers, Barricades, and Warning Signs

Article 12. Pile Driving

Article 13. Work Over or Near Water

Article 14. Construction Hoists

Article 15. Hoisting

Article 16. Standard Railings

Article 17. Ramps, Runways, Stairwells, and Stairs

Article 18. Access and Egress

Article 19. Floor, Roof, and Wall Openings

Article 20. Temporary Floors

Article 21. Scaffolds—General

Article 22. Scaffolds—Various types

Article 23. Suspended Scaffolds

Article 24. Fall Protection

Article 25. Ladders

Article 26. Saws—Power

Article 27. Powder–Actuated Tools

Article 28. Miscellaneous Construction Tools and Equipment

Article 29. Erection and Construction

Article 30. Roofing Operations and Equipment

Article 31. Demolition

Article 32. Oxygen, Acetylene, and Fuel Gas

Article 33. Electrical Requirements for Construction Work

Article 34. Nonionizing Radiation

Article 35. Helicopter Operations

Article 36. Fire Protection and Prevention

Pursuant to the requirements of the Executive Order, the Board is specifically interested in seeking oral or written comments in the following areas:

(1) Are the regulations currently necessary, cost effective, and therefore be retained, modified or repealed;

(2) What are the current fiscal and economic impacts from the regulations;

(3) Do the regulations conflict or overlap with federal or local requirements; and,

(4) Are there less intrusive and more cost effective alternatives to the regulations.

Please note that the objective of this review is not to reduce the occupational safety and health in the workplace. Rather, the objective is to review current regulations for necessity, cost effectiveness or needed changes.

Your participation in the Sunset Review of Title 8 regulations and the Public Meeting process is both welcome and appreciated. In the interest of planning, the Board is requesting that persons wishing to address the Board regarding the above-referenced safety orders, contact the Board Secretary, at (916) 322-3640 no later than August 14, 1998. In addition, any written comments should also be submitted to the address listed above prior to that same date. This will afford staff and the Board Members an opportunity to review the material prior to the Public Meeting and formulate questions, if necessary.

If you have any specific questions regarding this matter, please contact John D. MacLeod, Executive Officer at (916) 322-3640.