A description of the proposed changes are as follows:

Chapter 4, Subchapter 7, Article 59, Section 4310 and Article 69, Section 4543
Guarding of Meat Band Saw Blades


Section 4310. Band Knives and Band Saws
Section 4310 contains various safety requirements pertaining to the use and/or operation of band knives and band saws including but not limited to guarding, enclosure of saw wheels, enclosure of guide rolls, of band resaws and band ripsaws, etc. used in woodworking operations.

Subsection (a)(1) requires all portions of the saw blade or knife blade to be enclosed or guarded except that portion between the bottom of the guide rolls and the table. This regulation also requires the guard to be kept adjusted as close as possible to the table without interfering with the stock. This regulation also requires the down travel from the upper wheel to the guide roll to be so adjusted that the blade will travel within the angle or channel.

A revision is proposed to add an "EXCEPTION" after Section 4310(a)(1) which refers the reader to Section 4543 for specific requirements pertaining to meat band saw blade guarding.

The proposed revision will have no other effect but to clarify to the employer where the meat band saw blade guarding requirements are found and that they apply in lieu of the woodworking band saw blade guarding requirement contained in Section 4310(a)(1).

Section 4543. Horizontal Non-Tilting Food Mixer (Class A)
This previously repealed section consists of a placeholder title only and no regulatory information.

A revision is proposed to delete the existing placeholder title indicated above by adding a new title to read "Guarding of Meat Cutting Band Saw Blades." Further revisions are proposed to add a guarding requirement based upon 29 CFR 1910.213(i)(1) language, specifying that the band saw blade is to be guarded by means of a self-adjusting guard which will protect the saw blade at the front and outer side.

The proposed revision will have little or no effect upon employers who operate meat band saws since the proposal is consistent with guarding design provided with the saw from the manufacturer. Employers who utilize saw blades which are not guarded will need to design, field fabricate or acquire a guard from the manufacturer.