November 8, 1999



The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) held the second in a series of public hearings in regard to AB 60. The IWC accepted testimony on issues pertaining to AB 60, with particular emphasis on its impact immediately upon its effective date of January 1, 2000. The hearing was held on November 8, 1999, in the State Capitol, Room 112, commencing at 9:30 am. A transcript of this hearing has been prepared and is available for review.

Chairperson Chuck Center opened the public hearing shortly after 10:00 am (the exact time was not noted in the record.) Commissioners Barry Broad, Leslee Coleman and Bill Dombrowski were present. The IWC’s staff, including Executive Officer Andrew R. Baron, Principal Analyst Michael Moreno, and Administrative Assistant Donna Scotti, as well as the IWC’s legal counsel, Deputy Attorney General Marguerite C. Stricklin, were also present.

Chairperson Center explained that the purpose of the hearing was to gather information with respect to the above issues. He then outlined the procedures for speaking and submitting written comment.

Commissioner Coleman moved to have the IWC approve the minutes from the previous hearing. Commissioner Broad seconded the motion, and it was unanimously carried.

The following individuals presented testimony:

1. Willie Washington, California Manufacturers Association
2. Jon Ross, California Restaurant Association
3. Ann Greenhill, Summer House, California Respite Services Association
4. Connie Delgado Alvarez, California Healthcare Association
5. Michele Buhlert, Nurse, employed by Marshall Hospital
6. Julianne Broyles, California Chamber of Commerce
7. Tamme Booth, Pharmacist, employed by Wal-Mart
8. Timothy Long, California Retailers Association
9. Mark Pawlicki, Simpson Timber Company
10. Robert Jones, National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses, Northern            California Chapter
11. Kelly Watts, American Electronics Association
12. Lowell Taylor, Pharmacist, employed by Wal-Mart
13. Julia Garci, employed in the paper industry
14. Tyrus Washington, Inland Paper & Packaging
15. Mark Vegh, TOC Management Services
16. Vic Sward, California Trucking Association
17. Daniel McCarthy, California Trucking Association
18. Teresa Miller, California Society of Health System Pharmacists
19. Les Clark, Independent Oil Producers Association
20. Brad Trom, Albertson’s and Savon Drug Stores
21. Jim Ewert, California Newspaper Publishers Association
22. Bruce Young, California Retailers Association
23. Joe Brown, Conectiv Operating Services
24. Miles Locker, Chief Counsel, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

After the IWC determined no one present wished to give further testimony, it was agreed by common consent to adjourn the public hearing at 12:29 p.m. Commissioner Broad moved to adjourn, Commissioner Dombrowski seconded the motion and all Commissioners were in favor of it.

Respectfully Submitted,

Andrew R. Baron
Executive Officer


Chuck Center                         

Date: February 25, 2000