Spinal surgery second opinions emergency rulemaking

Workers' compensation emergency rulemaking
spinal surgery second opinion

Notice of Emergency regulatory adoption (doc) (Adobe Acrobat symbol pdf)
Emergency regulations (doc) (Adobe Acrobat symbol pdf)
DWC form 232
DWC form 233

The Spinal Surgery Second Opinion emergency regulations were filed with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on June 23, 2004 The regulations will not become effective until filing with the Secretary of State after approval by OAL. OAL has up to 10 days to consider the regulations, but may approve them before the 10 days have elapsed. Upon approval and filing with the Secretary of State, the regulations are effective for 120 days while the division conducts a formal rulemaking to adopt the regulations. For information on the OAL procedure, and to learn how you may comment on the Emergency regulations, go to the OAL's website at: http://www.oal.ca.gov/

A notice will be posted on this page when the emergency regulations become effective.