WCIS eNews No. 67
October 5, 2007

Final reminder: trading partner profiles and ID lists

As noted in eNews #57 and at the WCIS Annual Advisory Committee Meeting in May, the WCIS is updating its FROI/SROI trading partner database. A list of all claim administrator FEINs must be reported for each Sender ID. Beginning Jan. 1, 2008, the WCIS database will use claim administrator FEINs to process individual claim transactions, and will reject transactions for unknown claim administrators. Based on the current information in the database, 53.4% of recent FROI/SROI transactions would be rejected for non-matching claim administrator FEINs.

Please email any revisions to your trading partner profile and insurer-claim administrator ID list to your assigned WCIS trading partner contact by Oct. 19, 2007. The forms and instructions are attached for your convenience. Please notify your trading partner contact whenever any information changes in the profile or ID list and, remember, beginning Jan. 1, 2008, claim transactions that cannot be linked to a claim administrator listed on the sender's ID List will be rejected.

The DWC greatly appreciates your cooperation and participation. If you have any questions or need help concerning this process, please contact your EDI liaison:

Elisema Cantu
email: ecantu@dir.ca.gov
phone: 510-286-6763
fax: 510-286-6862
Trading partner letters B, D-F, N, O, W-Y

Damon Chen
email: dcchen@dir.ca.gov
phone: 510-286-6753
fax: 510-286-6862
Trading partner letters C, G, H, M, P

Johnny Lee
phone: 510-286-6772
fax: 510-286-6862
Trading partner letters A, I-L, S-V, Z

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