WCIS e.News#6   

August 18, 2000

Occasional announcements and technical updates regarding California's Workers' Compensation Information System (WCIS),from the California Division of Workers' Compensation

WCIS-EZ: Web-Based Data Submission Now Available

Claims administrators can now submit data to WCIS via "WCIS-EZ," a set of Web-based data entry forms. WCIS-EZ is best suited to WCIS trading partners (claims administrators) that have a low volume of data to submit. Trading partners with more data can continue to submit their data via Electronic Data Interchange using other transmission modes.

WCIS-EZ allows for manual entry of First Report of Injury data using data entry screens hosted on the WCIS web site. Edits built into the screens minimize the submission of incomplete or invalid data. Trading partners can also use WCIS-EZ to view and edit previously submitted reports, save incomplete reports for later completion and transmission, and view electronic acknowledgements from WCIS.

Data submitted via WCIS-EZ are completely secure, protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to assure safe data transfer over computer networks. Individual trading partners’ accounts are password protected, and trading partner identity is authenticated through digital certification.

WCIS-EZ can be accessed from a link on the WCIS Web site: www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/wcis.htm. WCIS-EZ users must have an approved Trading Partner Profile on file with the Division and must purchase a digital certificate from a state-approved digital certificate authority. A list of approved Digital Signature Certification Authorities is available from the Secretary of State web site at http://www.sos.ca.gov/. Currently WCIS-EZ supports only a single Web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.

A demonstration version of WCIS-EZ is available for trading partners who wish to see how WCIS-EZ works, without purchasing a digital certificate or actually submitting data to WCIS. The demonstration version of WCIS-EZ is also accessed via a link on the WCIS Web site. Data entered into the data entry screens of the demonstration version will be processed, and acknowledgments will be generated for viewing via WCIS-EZ. Data entered through the demonstration version are not secure, and will not be posted to the WCIS database.

WCIS-EZ only supports First Reports of Injury at this time. Support for Subsequent Reports (comparable to California Benefit Notices) will be added in the near future and announced in an upcoming WCIS e.News.

For more information about WCIS-EZ, including detailed information on how to get started with WCIS-EZ, contact your WCIS Contact Person, e-mail us at wcis@dir.ca.gov, or check out Section I of the California EDI Implementation Guide.

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