WCIS eNews No. 51
December 29, 2005

WCIS reporting problems

The purpose of this eNews is to inform DWC's trading partners about data reporting problems in connection with DWC's Workers' Compensation Information System, and to elicit suggestions and support for rectifying these problems.

DWC's WCIS has been collecting FROI and SROI claims data from California claims administrators using national reporting standards developed by the IAIABC since 2000. Currently, WCIS has FROI reports for more than 4.6 million claims. Meanwhile, DWC has some SROI information for about 850,000 claims, or only half of the expected number of indemnity claims.

DWC staff has been monitoring and analyzing trading partner compliance with WCIS reporting requirements since the inception of the system. In 2002, a thorough comparative analysis of reported claim information to the WCIS and DWC's Audit Unit (via its Annual Report of Inventory) was performed. Unfortunately, that analysis supported accumulating anecdotal information and conclusions drawn from prior examinations of data submitted to the WCIS, which indicated that there was a serious compliance problem with TP data reporting.

On the basis of the 2002 analysis, the EDI Unit contacted about two-dozen major companies/entities that were not reporting FROI and/or SROI information to the WCIS on a timely, complete and accurate basis. The objective was to work with these trading partners to get them "on track".

Currently, DWC is completing a similar analysis to that performed in 2002, as well as making a systematic comparison of the reporting compliance among trading partners' submissions of annual (AN) and final (FN) data transactions to the WCIS.

Here are the major conclusions from DWC's recent analyses of trading partners' WCIS data reporting performance:

Naturally, the question arises--why is the reporting problem so significant, particularly for incomplete and inaccurate reporting of SROI data? There are several candidate hypotheses and reasons for discrepancies:

Given the above list of candidate reasons for under-reporting, or not reporting accurately or at all to the WCIS, what are some potential ways of addressing these issues to improve reporting performance? The following is a list of suggested ways to improve TP reporting compliance:

All of the solutions listed above are intermediate or long-term solutions. Meanwhile, given the strong likelihood that some TPs will not be able to send accurate AN transmissions in January, DWC is considering the temporary use of the UR MTC. However, this option needs to be carefully planned and implemented so as to avoid abuse.
In order to address the concerns listed in this eNews, as well as others that TPs may have in mind, DWC earnestly requests that the TP community respond to this email by sending feedback and ideas for making improvements to the system to the EDI liaison team. Thank you in advance for your participation.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Trading Partner contact, listed below.

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Elisema Cantu
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