WCIS eNews No. 40
April 15, 2004

IMPORTANT UPDATE: WCIS system cutover on schedule

The improved WCIS system cutover is on schedule and will occur over a seven day period, from Wednesday, April 28 to Wednesday, May 5. During this time, we will continue to receive trading partner submission of all FROIs and SROIs, although transmission of acknowledgements will be delayed for approximately one week.

It is very important for all trading partners to review the list of all the published differences between the current system and the improved system, especially the increase in size of the JCN, from twelve to twenty-two digits. These differences are noted in the DRAFT California Implementation Guide and ENEWS #36 and #37. All differences are in compliance with WCIS rules and regulations, which are compliant with IAIABC rules for the collection of FROIs and SROIs. Future differences will be announced through the ENEWS and updates to the California Implementation Guide.

Even though the improved WCIS system has undergone extensive testing, some trading partners may discover minor issues. We will do our best to be responsive in correcting or assisting with problems as they arise.


May 25th

The annual WCIS advisory committee meeting will be held at the San Francisco DWC headquarters on Tuesday, May 25th. In the near future, the agenda and meeting materials will be posted to the WCIS Website at http://www.dir.ca.gov/DWC/WCIS.htm. If there are any topics that you would like to add to the agenda, email them to Bill Kahley at bkahley@dir.ca.gov.

Draft of CA Implementation Guide

Reminder: Please be sure to review the draft of a revised California WCIS Implementation Guide. It is now available at the WCIS Website. It is very important for all trading partners and future trading partners to carefully review the updates and provide appropriate comments.

The draft of the revised guide is a zipped file that will need to be unzipped. It is located at: http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/WCIS.htm.

If you have any questions, please contact your TP Contact, listed below.

Alice Cantu, trading partners - B, D-F, N, O, W-Y
e-mail: cantu@dir.ca.gov
Tel: 415.703.4418 Fax: 415.703.5911

Damon Chen, trading partners - C, G-H, M, P-R
e-mail: dcchen@dir.ca.gov
Tel. 415.703.4413 Fax: 415.703.5911

Johnny Lee, trading partners - A, I-L, S-V, Z
e-mail: jblee@dir.ca.gov
Tel: 415.703.4427 Fax: 415.703.5911

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